Our October Meeting: Plan, Plan, Plan for November and December

October has arrived in and brought with it chilly air, falling leaves and even a few snow flurries!
But first, we need a brownie and a sip of wine!  Our president suggested we try something a little different tonight. Let's arrange four tables in a ‘circle’ she suggested. Maybe this will facilitate conversation a little better and allow us all to hear each other.

This month's meeting is really a strategy session for Women’s Club activities that will take place in November and December. With any event, planning is key and these ladies know just how to do that. A lot of our members have been involved in our activities for decades and pull out details of past years doings and proceedings with ease and genuine love. There is a certain tradition, shall we say, of what gets baked, what fillings to use, and how exactly to sell it.
In years past, the Women’s Club held a Christmas Fair - complete with crafts, games, baked goods and an ethnic dinner.  All of the ladies, along with othe…