Christmas Bake sale part 2 of 2

Sunday morning has arrived and it’s time for our bake sale! This year, the sale fell on November 11th,  the 24th Sunday after Pentecost. Today, in the Orthodox Church we commemorate the Martyrs Menas, Victor, Vincent, Stephanida and St. Theodore of the Studion.

Troparion - Martyrs (tone 4)
Thy holy martyrs Menas, Victor, Vincent, Stephanida, O Lord * through their sufferings have received incorruptible crowns from Thee our God * For having their strength they laid low their adversaries * and shattered the powerless boldness of demons.// Through their intercessions save our souls!

Troparion - St. Theodore (tone 8)
Champion of Orthodoxy and teacher of purity and true worship, * enlightener of the universe and adornment of hierarchs: * all-wise father Theodore, your teachings have gleamed with light upon all things. * Intercede before Christ God to save our souls!

You can read more about these precious saints and their lives here

Divine Liturgy begins at 9:00 am at St. Mary’s and at 8:0…