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Our October Meeting: Plan, Plan, Plan for November and December

October has arrived in and brought with it chilly air, falling leaves and even a few snow flurries!
But first, we need a brownie and a sip of wine!  Our president suggested we try something a little different tonight. Let's arrange four tables in a ‘circle’ she suggested. Maybe this will facilitate conversation a little better and allow us all to hear each other.

This month's meeting is really a strategy session for Women’s Club activities that will take place in November and December. With any event, planning is key and these ladies know just how to do that. A lot of our members have been involved in our activities for decades and pull out details of past years doings and proceedings with ease and genuine love. There is a certain tradition, shall we say, of what gets baked, what fillings to use, and how exactly to sell it.
In years past, the Women’s Club held a Christmas Fair - complete with crafts, games, baked goods and an ethnic dinner.  All of the ladies, along with othe…

Our first meeting of the 2018-2019 season!

September is a beautiful month, for so many reasons. It brings with it the change of colors in our midwestern deciduous trees, the start of a new school year and most importantly, the beginning of a new liturgical calendar year at St. Mary’s.
Accordingly, the Women’s Club has had our first meeting of the 2018-2019 season. Barb N. , Kathy M. and Natalie T. provided some refreshments for our first meeting and we all enjoyed a little bit of chatting together before we got started.
At our meetings, we always open with a prayer, "O Heavenly King". The St. Mary’s Women’s Club loosely follows Roberts Rules of Order for the structure and flow of our meetings. The first item on the agenda is always the reading of the minutes from the previous month’s meeting. This gives us the opportunity to review what was discussed at the previous meeting and make sure our documentation and decisions are available for all to see. The secretary is responsible for scribing the minutes and after r…