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Women's Club June Party

The Women’s Club ends our working year in June, with a party for all of our members. This is a chance for us to recap our year, talk about possible projects for the coming year and review our budget. Number one question: How much money did we make?
One of the best things about our June party is the chance to see and talk with members who are not able to get to all of the meetings. In previous years, we have hosted the party in the church parish center. Two years ago, we decided to change it up and “eat out”. I still remember the chatter surrounding this idea.  Everyone agreed this was a nice change and no one would be left to clean up and do the dishes. Hallelujah!  
So for the past two years, we have met at Sarnas, a local restaurant in northeast Minneapolis.  Our server was amazing; she expertly handled all of our tables and special requests with ease and a gracious smile. We had so much fun talking with each other. In fact, when it came time to call the meeting to order, it was a bi…