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St. Mary's Women's Club Annual Salad Luncheon

Hello! Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves. We are a group of ladies from St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral in Minneapolis, MN (OCA).  Most of our members have been part of this church and part of this club for many years. In fact, some of them have been members of this club for 60+ years! The original name of the Women’s Club was the Mother’s Club. Now, this name had nothing to do with whether a woman was the natural mother of a child; instead the name was descriptive of how the women were the "mothers" of the Church.  The nature of the work that the Mother’s Club did was caring for the Church, both the parishioners and the physical building. Over time, the name changed, along with the members, as one generation grew up and took over the duties of the club. In an effort to communicate to the church, as well as the outside world, what it is we do, the decision to start a blog seemed to be the natural next step.

When we…