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Christmas Market prep and Holubki making!

The St. Mary’s Women’s Club Christmas market and Women’s Club sponsored coffee hour is just a few days away!  The sale will include assorted breads: cheese, poppyseed, nut, and apricot bread.  We will also have Christmas cookies, other assorted baked goods, perohi, holubki, Russian tea, and specialty coffees for sale.

Our parish kitchen has already been a flurry of excitement and activity as we start the prep work for the big baking day.  An email has been sent to all of our members with a timeline of baking activities, coffee hour needs and requests for volunteers. All of our members are asked to help bake bread on Saturday, bake on their own for the bake sale/coffee hour or pay the $20 donation stipulated by our club bylaws. We also placed a notice in the church bulletin asking anyone and all to come help us make bread! Skilled bakers, novice bakers, come and learn from those of us who have been doing this forever!

Does the thought of the holidays approaching give you anxiety? Mayb…